Adele Rossi

Web and Visual Designer, programming and shaping visual solutions

Rethinking The Fork App − a UX case study

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Brief − rethinking the The Fork app’s interface
to improve usability and increase usage through research
based on user needs and habits.

Research − we set a boundary to design a simple solution.
We selected different types of people as users, to understand
their pain points and daily challenges.
We looked for common interests among users.

User Target − tourists, students, business men,
couples, standard Users.

User Needs − online booking, finding restaurants nearby,
being able to communicate through reviews with team spirit,
photos, prices and more information regarding the restaurant,
possibility to personalize the restaurant research.

Solutions − easy and understandable booking’s flow,
saving time once at the restaurant and on using the App,
user friendly approach while using the App.

1. Intelligent Map: possibility to choose
a specific position and indicate it.
2. Pre-order: possibility to save time, pre-order
and pay through the application.
3. TheForkCommunity: possibility to explore and discover reviews
of bloggers, famous chefs, gastronomic professionals, discover new restaurants and have the opportunity to share your experience.
4. Insert Saved Research: the application can keep you updated according to your preferences and does not need
to start searching from the outset.
5. Add User Feedback.

In collaboration with:
Benedetta Diddi, Jessica Delgado
Mentor: Marco Catani
Year: 2020

Magis Design Company − UX/UI Digital Strategy Web Design

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Magis is the Italian Brand, partnership with major international designers and focused on design products for home,
office and contract.
The project strategy is the optimization of the customization tool
and redesign the website to establish costumer loyalty and build a strong relationship and emotional attachment through the creation of an immersive, virtual and interactive experience.

The user-centered designstart with a new Interactive Showcase
that allows the user to discover the customizable products
and see them in a context by self explanatory flow according
to Magis visual Language and the essence of the brand.

By the customization tool the user can customize the product through the user-friendly interface,
the interactive contents and an easy customer journey.

In collaboration with: Benedetta Diddi
Mentor: Andy Scupelli
Year: 2020

'Marta with Plan(ts)' − Editorial Design

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‘Marta with Plan(ts)’ is a magazine which examines the work of the Italian Visual Artist Marta Valpiana (Verona, 1993) and her project called ‘Neophyte’. The artist analyzes the experience of plants in human life to understand her world, and consequently ours.

The visual identity is centered around the boundaries between nature and culture, art and urban life, between human beings
and wildlife that can be much more indistinct
than we are accustomed to think.

Editorial project realized for
Marta Valpiana.

Year: 2018

‘The truth is, we're colorful’ − Color Design and Psychology

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This was my thesis project for my degree in New Technologies
for Art at the Academy of Fine Arts. It was realized through investigation and the intersection between different fields
of research such as history, philosophy, art, psychology and design. It was all made possible thanks to the Italian guidance of Francesca Valan, an Italian Color Designer based in Milan.

Everything in our life creates feelings and emotions.
If it was otherwise, nothing would make sense: each gesture,
action, creation, and each experience. Moreover, our sensibility
to colors establishes emotions. Visible reality itself is colored, in all of the aspects that surround us, colors evoke emotions and vibrations.

Man, seen as both a natural being and social being, every day experiences emotions that the color evokes, witnessed through history, evolution and his ownerships.

This is the premise addressed for the statement ‘The Truth Is, We’re Colorful’. The project is about the psychology of colors, more specifically about colors’ symbolism and how we use
them in our everyday life.

Color is a daily mystery, unique to each person. For this reason
I have decided to analyze it and then translate it into images that evoke such feelings.

Take a look at the Video and at the Thesis Research.

Photography − Video Making
Art Direction

Model: Camilla Serafini
Lacation: Studio Indoor, Treviso, Italy
Year: 2017